Bilingual, the entrepreneur behind Italique communications, Marie-Claude Aspiros has more than 10 years of experience in economic development where she was the communication authority and project manager. She also has a considerable background in entrepreneurship.

Structured and organized, she is recognized to be effective in problem-solving and priority management to meet established timelines. This entrepreneur distinguished herself by a creative approach based on achieving the clients’ goals.

The most important thing in communication: hearing what's not said.
— Peter F. Drucker

Entrepreneur: Experience and Work

Between 2004 and 2015, at the CLD Montréal-Nord, Marie-Claude ensured the management of editorial and promotional tools for all the events and projects. Also, the design, drafting, and review of reports, press releases, newsletters, articles and newsletters were among her duties. Relating to the Web, she carried out the Web sites and social media management.

She has demonstrated innovation skills during the creation of the historical document Patrimoine économique de Montréal-Nord, collecting, among other things, some thirty business portraits. She also structured and developed the biennial communications plan of the CLD and CDEC Montreal-Nord. For the events, she has set up, for the 3rd editions, the communication strategy for the annual events 4 MN – quatre jours d’affaires à Montréal-Nord. Finally, she has established and created internal tools to standardize the image and communications of the two organizations.

In a different vein, she has done a complete overhaul of the Web site (design, content, positioning and subsequent improvement phases). Finally, she played a leading role in the project Le bon coup de l’année 2013. This project was part of the Prix de l’excellence en développement local of the ACLDQ congress. The result: our 4 MN (first edition)project ranked among the 3 finalists.

As an independent freelancer, she gained experience in translation, revision, and writing (technic and Web). As for communication, she works in management and Web marketing, social media, planning, and advising. Today, her services are dedicated to other self-employed workers as well as SMBs of all business areas.

Entrepreneur: Training and Skills

The entrepreneur, Marie-Claude Aspiros has a Bachelor’s degree in French studies from the University of Sherbrooke. Also, she has a diploma in Translation from the University of Montreal. In addition, over the years, she attended several workshops development, including graphic design, multimedia, communication and media management. As she is passionate about learning, she continued her studies in translation and regularly following courses in related areas.

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