Communication, Web writing and content marketing business, Italique communications is, thus, the work of a self-employed worker operating in these domains. The communication part encompasses particularly Web-related services, including the creation or management of Web sites. Also, our services include the management of social media, content marketing, creating communication tools, planning and, of course, the advisory service. The second part includes services related to language, as the drafting and writing, revision and translation.

Italique communications dedicate its services to SMB, including self-employed workers, consultants, the non-profit organizations, and associations. All in all, our activities extending, adding to its territory, to the Outaouais, Lanaudière, Laval and Montréal regions. And that, without neglecting far away exploitations thanks to the Internet!

Communication, Web writing and content marketing business

Italique communications services are thus destined for clients from various areas of activities. First, whether you come in from interior designing or landscaping, automobile or office work, we can help you! Just as if you are in international trade or retail, communication or public relations. As economic development is very dear to our heart, we will create opportunities for rewarding business with pleasure.

Publishing and literature, training and education are also the activities preferred by this communication, Web writing and content marketing business. It is also the case for those who are in management, administration, or else in finance. On the other hand, we evolve with businesses in sales and marketing, multimedia, computer graphics and human resources. Finally, the human and social sciences, various professional services, health and personal cares, as well as the tourism industry, can benefit from our services.

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